Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.

Visit Our Library

  The Green Valley – Sahuarita Genealogy Library  
A Partnership of Southern Arizona Genealogy Society and La Posada Community
Open Monday thru Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm;
Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm
(520) 648-4016

The Library is situated within the La Posada Shoppes' buildings at 665 S. Park Centre Avenue, Green Valley, AZ 85614. We are located in the SE corner of the Posada Java building – you can enter from the parking lot or the courtyard. For more information, call: (520) 648-4016.

About Our Library
Our Library collection numbers more than 3,500 books, maps and periodicals covering a wide variety of genealogy topics. The public is welcome to research at the library and we have a rare circulating policy, with restrictions. Computers with internet access are available and volunteers are happy to help with ancestor searching. Laptops are welcome.
We also have the services of knowledgable volunteers who will do their best to help you break down those brick walls with tools from the book shelves.
The Library Catalog is one of the best available in a research library. Books, maps and periodicals are searchable by Subject, Surname, Location, Media Type, New Additions, Donors, Title, Author, Call Number, and All Listed Fields. For efficiency, you may print any list you create by clicking on the PDF List button and then printing with your computer's command. A "How to Use the Library Catalog" page is also available on the website and should be your first step in exploring the new catalog.
Library Research Services
If you can't come to the Library during normal operating hours, our SAGS Library Volunteers are happy to look for specific information for you. Please understand that our volunteers will only access this targeted information in requested books that are in our Library. Our volunteers do lookups, not research, which is time consuming and not their responsibility.
An example of a typical research request is:  Please look in the "Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots Vol. 1 A-D" by Patricia Law Hatcher for information about Kimber Barton who served in the Revolutionary War in Virginia. I would like to have a copy of the title page and the page, or pages, containing information about Kimber Barton.
A volunteer will do the research when the Library is open and if anything is found, the requested pages will be scanned and emailed to the requestor. The requesting individual is responsible for any expenses incurred.
An example of a research request that will NOT be honored is:  Please lookup John Smith in your book collection.
This type of request is not detailed and falls into the category of time consuming research.
To request Library research, simply click on Contact Us (in the grey menu bar on the left). Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Then, select Web Contact Form to make your request. Our Library Research Committee Contact will receive your request and communicate with you when the lookup has been completed.
Another Library Lookup Service
SAGS member Darillyn Doss has generously and kindly offered to do lookups in her personal library of genealogy books. Click here to see a list of her books sorted by title, and click here for a list sorted by author. Email your lookup request using the Web Contact Form (see above paragraph). 
Maps and Periodicals
Our ever-growing online library catalog now includes an extensive collection of maps and periodicals. While the periodicals are not indexed by articles (which can be done using PERSI from the Allen County Library) they are easily searchable by publication title and date of issue. You can also bring up a complete list of the periodicals by clicking on the "Media Type" filter and selecting "Periodical". Each periodical listed will include the month/year of each issue we have, and how many periodicals of that title we have. 
New Updates
There are two methods to keep current on new books. The first is by filtering in the catalog using "New Additions" and selecting the most recent months; the second is to search using "Title" and the word NEW.
Library Tidbits
Confused about those genealogy relationships? Here's a Genealogy Relationship Chart to help you make sense of it all. 
Surplus Books
The Library offers surplus books for sale by two methods:
  1. Bookcase #1 in the Library is filled with bargain books that may be purchased at the Library. Information about these books is located in the Library Catalog and can be reviewed by searching for "Surplus", "$", or "Bargain".
  2. Our Online Book Store (click HERE), also has a description and price for various books which can be purchased and shipped to an address. The shipping price is included in the advertised price.