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Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.
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Learning More about a WW1 Veteran (pub date: 12/10/2023)
Creative Ways to Write our Life Story (pub date: 12/24/2023)
What to Do With Family Heirlooms (pub date: 11/12/2023)
How Did That Come Into Our Language (pub date: 11/26/2023)
Montgomery Ward (pub date: 10/01/2023)
Sutlers (pub date: 10/15/2023)
Fergus Falls Tornado (pub date: 10/29/2023)
Write Your Family Stories -- Now! (pub date: 09/03/2023)
Route 66, Maple Syrup, and a Celtic Cross (pub date: 09/17/2023)
The Nazi Come to Norway (pub date: 08/06/2023)
Tennessee's Great Divisions (pub date: 08/20/2023)
The Lenape Tribe of the Delaware Valley (pub date: 07/09/2023) Part 2 of 2
Port of Entry for Enslaved Africans (pub date: 07/23/2023)
Signals from Madera Canyon (pub date: 06/11/2023)
Swedes and Forest Finns in Delaware (pub date: 06/25/2023) Part 1 of 2
Amana Colonies (pub date: 05/14/23) Part 3 of 3
Where Did That Phrase Come From? (pub date: 05/28/2023)
Young Irish Women Came to America for Employment (pub date: 04/02/2023)
Amana Colonies (pub date: 04/16/2023) Part 1 of 3
Amana Colonies (pub date: 04/30/2023) Part 2 of 3
Dedicated to the Spirit of Pioneer Woman (pub date: 03/05/2023)
From Private Ranch School to a Secret City (pub date: 03/19/2023)
1889 Not a Good Year for Washington (pub date: 02/05/2023)
The Old Southwest Is Not the New Southwest (pub date: 02/19/2023)
I Owe My Soul to the Company Store (pub date: 01/22/2023)
Birds of Passage (pub date: 01/08/2023)