Southern Arizona Genealogy Society
State of Arizona
Land acquired through the 1854 Gadsden Purchase, between the United States and Mexico, defined the southern most portion of Arizona.

Become a Library Volunteer

We are so thankful to have a great team of volunteers in the library to assist our visitors (SAGS members & the general public) with their genealogy research pursuits. Right now, we need a few more volunteers so if you've thought about getting involved, look at the list below and if you're interested, contact us via emai:, or stop by the Library.
Manage the Library Kiosk
Maintain the kiosk with instructional sheets; change the inventory at least every 6 weeks using tips and tricks or general information about family history and methodology. Requires the ability to use a computer and printer. Time commitment: monthly from October-September (bi-monthly during the summer).
Manage Library Research Requests
Answer any requested "look ups" using the library's collection. Requires the ability to research in the library and to use the computer to respond to research requests. Time commitment: October-September.
Greeters & Genies
Welcome visitors to the library, explain the library resources & offer a tour. Answer basic genealogy questions; listen to others' family stories without inserting too many personal notes. Requires the ability to gain a basic knowledge of the library, the collection catalog, and the computer equipment. Should be comfortable meeting and greeting the public. Time commitment: October-September - 3 hour shifts; volunteers can work the months they are available.
Library – Webinars
Choose video webinars to be viewed in the library; set up the computer and room for viewing; introduce the video and lead the Q&A following the webinar. Requires the ability to use the computer to select and play the videos. Time commitment: 2nd & 4th Saturday each month October-September.
Library – Book Sales (Silent Auction & Library Book Cart)
Secure good quality books not accepted by the Acquitions Committee; create a promotional article with descriptions to email to members before each general membership meeting; prepare an auction sheet on each book and maintain the auction table before & during each monthly meeting. Requires the ability to interact with the public. Time commitment: October-May for Silent Auction; all year for Library Book Cart sales.
Library Freebie Table
Before and during each monthly meeting, prepare a table with items being offered to membership at no cost. Requires ability to transport boxes of free items from the storage area to the meeting site and to return the leftovers after the meeting. Time commitment: October-May.